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Sac County Health Services is committed to Promote, Preserve, and Protect the health of our communities. Sac County Health Services has been providing public health services to residents of Sac County since 1975.

With a team of dedicated professionals, we continually seek innovative ways to improve healthcare access and quality. Our holistic approach to community well-being encompasses preventative measures, education, and responsive care, making them a pillar of strength for the residents we serve.

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Board of Health

The Board of Health plays a critical role in safeguarding and promoting the health and well-being of our community. Comprised of knowledgeable experts from various fields, the board sets strategic priorities and develops policies to address public health challenges.

By collaborating with local health departments, healthcare providers, and community organizations, they work to implement evidence-based programs and initiatives that improve health outcomes. Through their dedication and leadership, the Board of Health remains committed to creating a healthier and thriving community for all.

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SCHS actively engages in outreach programs and provides accessible healthcare services to prioritize community health.
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SCHS is strongly committed to emergency preparedness through rigorous planning and training initiatives.
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Family STEPS supports families with expectant parents or children aged 0-5 through education and assistance.
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Home health care provides medical and non-medical services to individuals in the comfort of their homes.
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